Release to Tide Animals

C-43: The map shows the area around LaBelle and how the quiet meandering Caloosahatchee River was dredged into a trench- a canal merely for the conveyance of excess water- “release to tide.” To the management district our river is simply the C-43, that is canal #43.

Caloosahatchee CLEER – “Xavier Cortada and I met during the Rising Waters Confab at the Robert Rauschenberg Artists in Residence #12 on Captiva Island. This particular gathering brought not only visionary artists from a multitude of disciplines but also climate scientists, coastal biologists, landscape architects and others who study and have witnessed the effects of climate change and sea level rise.”

Kristie Anders
Education Director
Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation

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For more information about the artist’s work with aquatic animals, please visit: The Release the Tide Series

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