Xavier Cortada “(80.15 W:) Schaus Swallowtail Butterfly” Archival ink on paper (generated from drawings created on 11” x 8.5” carbon paper) Signed, numbered, limited edition (edition of 5) 44” x 36” 2010

Join us at Pinecrest Gardens!

“Florida is Nature,” is an ongoing art project Xavier Cortada established at the Pinecrest Gardens to showcase the natural beauty of his home state.   As an elementary school student in Miami, Cortada would visit Pinecrest Gardens, then known as Parrot Jungle, to experience and learn about nature.

He now returns to this location as its artist-in-residence to explore the intersection of art and the environment and to establish a platform for community conversations and efforts to protect Florida’s ecosystems.

Hibiscus Gallery visitors are invited to tour the garden and find inspiration for art they are to create and upload to our website.

The images and perspectives of participants will be shared on social media to encourage viewers to do their part to understand, protect and live in tune with nature (#floridaisnature).

Admission to Pinecrest Gardens is $5.  To schedule an environmental art based field trip for your classroom or co-op, please contact Lacey Bray, educational programs coordinator, at lbray@pinecrest-fl.gov.


Monthly Florida is Nature artist talks and community programs are presented by Pinecrest Gardens, Village of Pinecrest, FIU School of Environment, Arts and Society, FIU College of Communications, Architecture + The Arts, FIU Libraries, Digital Library of the Caribbean and Participatory Art Projects.
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