Endangered Animals

Florida Turnpike travelers entering Ft. Drum Plaza are greeted by a 20’ mural of a Florida Panther.

Cortada portrayed Florida’s endangered land animals in Florida Turnpike’s Ft. Drum plaza (near Yeehaw Junction). At the main entrance, visitors are greeted by an 8′ x 20′ mural of a Florida Panther. “I created the mural in small rectangular pieces to resemble city blocks on a map,” said Cortada. “In the work, I wanted to reference how cars and buildings continue to overtake the panther’s natural habitat. We must find a better way to coexist with nature.”

In the building’s interior atrium, Cortada depicted 12 other Florida endangered species.

See below.

For more information about the artist’s work with endangered animals, please visit: www.endangeredworld.org

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