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Florida is known for is amazing native animals and plants, for this piece I made a diptych of the Florida Key Deer. Painting on the right might not be the actual skeletal of a deer.

Florida is life

Sofia Irigoyen

I’ve had the privilege to call South Florida my home of 18 years. Ever since I was little wildlife conservation has been close to my heart, as I believe we need to do a better job in protecting the endangered. The Swallowtail butterfly, the most delicate and beautiful of these diminishing species in South Florida, needs to be protected and saved. In my piece I bridge the connection between humans and these amazing insects. Its time to see the issues infront of us, and re-build our ecosystem of South Florida.


valeria's gohper turtle

The Gopher Tortoise is the state reptile of Florida. This creature is sadly endangered of extinction because of human predation, habitat loss, climate change, diet and diseases.

Our Home


The Florida Scrub Jay is a beautiful species of bird which is sadly endangered. There are only about 5,000 of these birds left. I made this picture learning Adobe Illustrator, technology that may help me find a career later in life. What shocked me about this project was to see so many endangered species up on the computer screens, all from my area of the world.


Lukas Animal Portrait.png

The Florida Black Creek crayfish is sadly on the endangerd species list because of residential and commercial development, transportation, biological resources use, natural system modifications and pollution. They can be found in the St Johns, Duval, Clay and Putnam counties.

Home of the Black Creek Crayfish


Sadly there are people that do not appreciate Florida nature and we are losing them due to their poisonous decisions. I chose the Florida Panther because they are an important part for our habitats, since they are at the top of the food chain at the top of and they protect many plants and animals that live there.

Florida is Cultural Diversity and Beautiful Wildlife

Briana Watson endangerd animal.ai 3

Florida is the home of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker and it is on the endangered species list because of habitat destruction and hunting. It’s one of the largest birds in the world at 20 inches long and a wingspan of 30 inches. This bird is so rare some people don’t believe it still exists.

Ivory-Billed Woodpecker


The Amur leopard is endangered because people hunt them, poach them and they are killed by forest fires. I decided to put the fire in the leopard’s eyes to show one of the many reasons why the Amur leopard is endangered. I was inspired to do this because I love animals and they can’t speak up for themselves! I also love art so this was a great project for me to express both my love of art and animals.

Florida is going to save the Amur Leopard.


Since the theme is about the endangered species, I wanted to add some species who we affected with our destruction and mess. Whether it is throwing trash in the ocean, destroying any environment or hunting, we don’t notice the damage it does towards the animal. That is why I wanted to present a piece that shows how and why animals are endangered.

losing its natural resources.

The Red Wolf (A Lone Survivor)

For my contest entry, I have chosen the beautiful Red Wolf which is critically endangered due to lowered numbers early on from predator control during the 1960s and now deforestation. There are only a few hundred and most are in breeding programs. The painting depicts a red wolf and its pup looking at their once called home, which was lost to deforestation. I hope to raise awareness about the wolves with this painting.

Florida is home to me and many others, including different types of animals. This is what makes Florida an amazing place; just seeing all the variations of animals and plants. It is like a very large family, and just like a family everyone should help others in need, whether they are human or animal. We help many animals get out of being endangered and I hope drawings like these persuade more people to help many other endangered animals. Florida is the home of many animals who need help and we are here to help them.


I chose the giraffe because I never imagined these beautiful creatures would be pit on the endangered species list. I am happy Florida can serve as refuge for some of them.

Florida is beautiful creatures


Florida is filled with beautiful species of animals and plants that make up our ecosystem. animals such as the red panda are being stripped away from there homes or being forced to leave due to pollution and deforestation. I painted this to spread awareness of endangered species so that we may be able to undo the harm we have done.

Florida is Diversity

painted spoonbill

My piece demonstrates a tortured spoonbill with bright red and white fans for wings. The wings represents one of the many ways humans took advantage of the wings of the spoonbill; as an accessory.



The jaguar is majestic and lives in the Florida wildlands. This is contrasted with my image made of groomed gardens and carpet fabrics that are part of the symptoms of shrinking habitat. The giraffe head above “kisses” the air like an angel above my jaguar (made out of medicine packets). These animals are in danger!

the jaguar


This piece addresses the theme Endangered Species because it shows how due to habitat loss, the gray foxes are being forced to move to more urban and civilized areas. In the area I live, it’s now common to see large families of these foxes at night in search of food.

Florida is expanding


The Red Wolf specie is in danger when humans and the fear that they represented evil pushed them into killing many of wolfs, and the destruction of their habitats has also affected them. The red wolf also was used for for breeding in a way to save them, so i feel like they deserve to be appreciated in a way.


madison_green turtle_18x24_chalk pastel

Florida is a natural wildlife sanctuary. It is home to a wide variety of beautiful and exotic creatures. Sea turtles are a joy to see due to their spectacular colors and patterns. Oftentimes, sea turtles are portrayed as endangered due to the trash that fills their home. I chose to draw a sea turtle because of their pure beauty and innocence. I hope to learn how we can protect and save these creatures.

Too Far Gone

nina_key deer_18x24_chalk pastel

Florida is life. From swamps to it’s world renowned coasts, Florida never fails to lack variety. Within it’s vast ecosystems, animals roam freely and palms take root, contributing to the abstract landscapes we witness today. In recent times; however, human desires have contributed to the loss of habitat and many species. Key deer have fallen victim and are an endangered species. In deciding to represent these deer, I hope the beauty of their species would draw attention to our need to protect them. With raised human awareness we can help the key deer population rise. Saving animals like these is truly the key to life.

The Key to Life


This piece addresses the theme Endangered Species because of the environmental issues currently threatening the Great Blue Heron such as habitat loss, toxins and pesticides, and red tide.

an eroded home.


My art piece fits the theme perfectly because rusty patched bumblebees are now endangered and can go extinct. The world needs bees for many reasons, one being that one third of our food supply is pollinated by bees. Without these little creatures, our plants won’t get pollinated. We need bees in this world and I wanna make awareness through this piece.

losing its little creatures.


.I tried to capture the beauty of the endangered animal I picked. They are truly beautiful within their habitat and people keep taking that from them. We must stop taking their lives.



My piece address the endangered species by bringing attention to the green turtles, and now they are at the point of endangerment.

endangered green turtle.


Florida is a tropical paradise to people around the globe. Most people usually come for the marine life, and are brought into close contact with the habitat(s). I believe my piece addresses the theme of endangered species because it shows how beautiful a single fish could be in its natural habitat, and if people continue to kill the marine life, then we will never get to see them either.

a tropical paradise


My piece addresses the theme by showing how the bird is breaking off, or dying. In my eyes, the triangles represent the birds, how they are slowly falling off.



For this assignment, I drew a snowy owl. Snowy owls are being killed for their feathers and are having a harder time finding food. It’s even worse that their population was low to begin with.

my home.


This piece addresses the theme of endangered species because the panther is losing its home to current environmental issues such as damaged water sources.

becoming harmful for animals.


It addresses the theme of endangered species by showing the organism in isolation. Black where clear water should be. Outlines of fish show what could have been but instead are missing. The piece shows how lonely our oceans could be if our species became extinct.



Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, but there is always something lurking in the water. The population of sharks is decreasing tremendously.



My piece addresses the theme of endangered sea life, specifically the sea turtle. Without these turtles a great number of other species will be affected, effecting their habitat and ours. The corals are alongside the turtle as a statement; if one is gone, then the other is gone until there’s nothing left.

destroying its marine life.


My piece shows an endangered species that is low in population. The animals are dying because of pollution, deforestation, and people.

losing animals


My piece addresses the theme of endangered species by featuring the critically endangered Philippine Eagle as the focus of the piece. The fierce bird is endangered due to shooting and trapping sports, deforestation, disrupted mating, food supply and hunting for the eagles.



My artwork includes three animals that are in danger and human all of which are yelling. Their gaping mouths and silent screams symbolizes them being in some unseen danger as the endangered species are everyday, always in a state of constant danger of extinction.

Florida is my home


My piece addresses to the endangered species the snow leopard and the struggle for them to stay alive.

our gray spot


My piece emphasizes the playful nature of the subject. I wanted to show these wild dogs in a more positive light. They are often accused of killing farmer’s livestock which leads to them meeting the same fate. They shouldn’t be punished for simply following their instincts. I hope others may be able to see the end from a different point of view just as I do in this piece.



My piece conveys endangered elephants being killed for the ivory that they possess in their tusks.



it is beautiful because of its art, beaches, history and animals native or not—it makes up the whole of Florida.



Florida is Ravishing, just like the Florida Red Wolf. For such a stunning animal, it has almost been endangered to the point where they can only be found in the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge and Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. As well as the Florida Golden Aster flower is also endangered as a native plant of Florida

Florida Is Ravishing


My piece is the Florida endangered sawfish. I chose this piece because it really caught my eye and I thought the fish was very unique.

Florida is endangered


Florida is unique for its diversity, its variety of ecosystems and species inhabiting them.

Florida is unique

AP_violet_18x24_ac on can_coming and going

Florida is…Coming and Going because our home is constantly changing. As development increases and natural areas shrink we risk groups of animals “going” forever. The roseate spoonbill is an intense pop of color along our coasts and in the everglades. It would be a tragedy to lose such a unique species. I hope that my painting encourages people to maintain protection of this vibrant bird.

Florida is…Coming and Going


My piece shows that people are endangering the bird by being oblivious to the nest eggs and stepping on them or running over them with their cars. The world must become more cautious to save this Piping plover

Florida is a Piping Plover


My work attempts to address the changes that led to the endangerment of the cactus tree. It utilizes the Miami skyline as well as the boats and houses to represent the urbanization that has occurred. My cactus tree collage is created by using gardens of resorts, which are truly the direct threat of this species and the whole ecosystem of Florida.

Florida is Changing


The trash and human damage to the habitat of the Roseate tern is makeing the species suffer. We have to address climate and pollution solutions to save this bird.

Florida is the captured Roseate tern


The American crocodile is an amazing creature who lives in Miami and has two environments- land and water!

Florida is beautiful


All the plastics in the sea is endangering the Green Sea Turtle. I show one floating majestically by surrounded by nature and flowers and human manufacturing byproducts. Our waste has to eventually end up in the natural world and that hurts other species habitats.

Florida is the green sea turtles


The Bald eagle is suffering from vanishing food in the chain. I have him flying over the sea and only getting bare bones. If there are no fish, there will be no more Bald Eagles

Florida is the Bald eagle


This piece touches upon the theme of endangered species by showing the destruction caused because of human interaction. Most of the time, people want to evolve, develop, but they don’t tend to think about how these projects affect the environment (flora and fauna). A lot of organisms have had to learn how to survive in these places. This piece brings awareness to the spectator.

Florida is filles with endangered species because of human interactions.

Bee Photo

Not all the bees in FL are on an endangered species list, however many of their populations are decreasing rapidly. Bees are some of the most (if not the most) important pollinators in the state and help to allow fruit, trees, and much of the agriculture here to flourish. Bees help the animal life as well as they help create the food which animals eat, and without them, our animal, plant, and health without fruit or trees will suffer. Floridians need to be more careful with their agricultural pesticides so that they don’t make a hole in the ecosystem so big the animals can’t work their jobs.

Florida is Home (Bees Buzzing Out)


The Florida Panther is one of the most recognizable species native to Florida. It is also one of the most endangered. There are so few panthers still living in the wild and they must be protected. I painted my panther, in watercolor, as the main focus of my artwork to highlight this species unique to Florida.

Florida is the Panther


When people think of endangered species they may not think about sharks. Many people just find sharks scary and might not think to protect them. However, hammerhead sharks, found in Florida waters are endangered and they are as important to keeping the food chain and nature together as any other animal. I have depicted my shark, appropriately, in watercolor.

Florida is the Hammerhead Shark


The Key Deer is one of Florida’s best known endangered species. This does not keep its population from getting smaller and smaller. The Key Deer is small and cute and this has led to it getting fed by people and being hit by cars. I painted my Key Deer, safe in the grass, using watercolor.

Florida is the Key Deer


When most people think about Florida, they think of alligators or flamingos. They do not typically think of bears. Yet the Florida Black Bear is a species native to Florida and endangered. The animal often hides itself, especially as its land is taken more and more for development. I have depicted the Florida Black Bear in watercolor with marker accents, hidden in his habitat.

Florida is the Black Bear


in my painting, I feature a scene of the food chain at work. I wanted to show that preserving our Everglades habitat is essential for the species that depend on each other for nourishment and energy.

Florida is a thriving and unique ecosystem


The manatee is one of the most recognizable of endangered species in Florida. It is so rare to see a manatee that has not been injured in some way, or is being rehabilitated in some special rescue. We must constantly remember these gentle animals as we share the waters with them. I have created my manatee in watercolor and colored pencil.

Florida is the Manatee


The Florida manatee has been on the endangered species list for as long as I can remember. The manatee, also known as the sea cow, is a gentle animal and would never hurt a creature. But the manatee is often hurt by people. I wanted to show how gentle manatees are with my work, done with watercolor and colored pencil.

Florida is the Sea Cow


My piece attempts to capture the beauty of the loggerhead and the man-made obstacles the species faces. The loggerhead suffers due to the overuse and ineffective disposal of plastics as well as from lights that attract hatchlings toward land. Hopefully awareness of these issues can help preserve this beautiful species.

Florida is the loggerhead


Butterflies are important to keeping our plants alive, with their ability to pollinate. Since butterflies are so small and delicate, they are easy to overlook. Yet, we need these species as much as any other to keep our ecosystem together. In Florida, the swallowtail butterfly is specifically endangered and should be protected. I have painted mine in watercolor.

Florida is the Swallowtail Butterfly


My piece displays a radiated tortoise who is in the process of deceasing— with its lowered posture, bleeding shell, and dulling colors—, it shows the agony it goes through when it is being poached by hunters for its meat, killed for its vibrant shell, or sold as an exotic pet.

Florida is diverse


The Key Deer is one of the most endangered species in Florida. Its population has been pushed farther and farther south as development increases and the deers’ numbers continue to decline. These small animals, one of the smallest of the deer species are unique and gentle. They should be treated with this same gentleness. I have depicted the Key Deer in watercolor and marker.

Florida is the Key Deer


The Florida Marsh Rabbit is one of the mammals that is endangered in Florida. It is often neglected, in favor of more common endangered species like the panther or key deer. I wanted to give attention to an often overlooked species. This was also part of my choice to illustrate the rabbit only in graphite.

Florida is the Marsh Rabbit


In my acrylic painting, I wanted to portray the beauty of the Key Deer, a species of deer that solely lives in the Florida Keys. Often victim to car accidents, habitat destruction, and poaching, there now remain fewer than 1000 left. I wanted to use the vivid warm colors in the background to bring out the deer and alarm the viewer about the endangerment of this species, along with the volatile actions of mankind. I contrasted this with the soft, neutral tones of the deer to capture its innocence and lack of protection among Florida without the proper course of action.

Florida is the Key Deer


The subject of my mixed-media piece (watercolor and color pencil), is a hammerhead shark. Many species of hammerheads are endangered, including those that linger in the warm Floridian currents. In the artwork, the shark is hovering over a stingray (a common prey), to show how as a keystone species, sharks are essential to the food web. Hammerheads pin stingrays down with their heads and eat them to prevent overpopulation.

Florida Is Submerging Underwater


Florida is a place of biodiversity that is full of endemic species. However, much like many environments, the beautiful life it holds is being threatened. This piece portrays the human role in the endangerment of animals such as the bog turtle. We have a moral responsibility to save species from oblivion. If we collaboratively change, we may be able to turn back the clock to a better time.

Florida is in a critical time

Hialeah Elementary

In this group piece we showcase of 11 Florida species that need to be preserved. We want to raise awareness by showing their beauty to the public.



The Kirtland’s Warbler is one of the most endangered bird species in the United States and it spends its winter months, like so many people, here in Florida, particularly in the Keys. While birds may be small and easy to overlook as they quickly fly away before individual species characteristics can be easily noted, they must be protected. I have created my work in colored pencil and watercolor.

Florida is the Kirtland’s Warbler


The South Florida waterways are a beautiful and dangerous environment for aquatic mammals like dolphins and manatees. My piece shows how motorboats can affect species like dolphins and manatees by not being careful with their boat propellers. They endanger these mammals as well as other species to the point that combined with other circumstances they endanger their evolution and sustainability.

Florida is Beautiful and Dangerous


Florida is diversity. It has a vast variety of species with beautiful animals and plants that make up our colorful ecosystem.

Florida is diversity


My piece portrays the idea that many of our precious animals such as the spoonbills, sea turtles, manatees, and the Florida panther are all slowly disappearing. The black whole in the middle is how the Earth is losing it’s color(symbol for biodiversity) and Florida is a home to mysterious and unique creatures.

Florida is mystery


The Shau’s Swallowtail butterfly because it is such a unique and beautiful species with amazing, colorful wings and exotic colors. The impressive butterfly has such tint white dots that are so bizarre, but at the same time amazing. I think that the Schau’s Swallowtail is one of Florida’s wonderous beauties that needs to be protected and removed from the endangered species list.

Florida is more than a colorful state. It is where you can find a large amount of exotic and beautiful species that need to be protected.

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 12.46.54 PM

This piece is about Hawksbill sea turtles which are critically endangered due to pollution. The painting shows the environment where the turtle lives and some of the factors that harm the sea turtle.

Hawksbill sea turtle


Oceanic whitetip sharks used to exist in large numbers but have declined from about 70-90% in the past years due to the shark fin trade. Miami, Florida is the largest importer of shark fins.

Oceanic Whitetips


My piece depicts the captivating Red-Cockaded Woodpecker which is unfortunately classified as an endangered. These little birds are very handsome and I often see them around my neighborhood.

Florida is Woodpeckers


My piece depicts the sawfish, who is so endangered that it has learned to reproduce asexually. I admire that spirit.

Full of Toothy Fish


the Barbour’s Map Turtle is a turtle begging to be recognized as endangered. it is being killed not by hunting or predators but by the chemicals of the factories from Atlanta and Georgia reaching Florida and killing them in their main habitat.

seeing the death of a turtle


This picture is a scene with two shoal basses which are considered endangered animals due to them being fished a lot. These fish are native to Florida and are now protected to try to keep them from extinction.

Florida is an a home for aquatic life.


The beautiful magestic Roseate Spoonbill in its merky environment. Face filled with fear and worry of extinction.

Feathers and hot weather


Atlantic salt marsh snakes are beautiful creatures, unique in their own individual way, who deserve to be saved from the polluted waters that overtake their habitats.

Florida is a wonderful swirl of nature.


My picture is a depiction of turtles swimming in the Florida waters with a couple ofcans in the sea grass. I chose to add these cans because the turtle population has been decreasing due tomorrow to pollution of the ocean that they tend to eat like plastic bags they mistake for jelly fish. I hope to show people the beauty of these turtles to hopefully make people understand what we could be loosing if don’t stop polluting the ocean

Florida is the home of drifters in the ocean


This piece shines light on the torturous death manatees go through due to boat propellors. It is time we implement guidelines and restrictions to help restore the manatees population.

Florida is Chopping Up


The Bartram’s Scrub-Hairstreak is an endangered species native to Southern Florida which is currently being threatened by environmental and fire damage. Florida as a whole is also being affected by these factors and a chain reaction of destruction follows the declining numbers of these butterflies. Most notably affected is its host plant, the Pineland Croton, which is integral to this ecosystem.

Florida is Under Attack


The Key Deer is clearly in danger as stands helplessly on the road. The reality is this occurs often and I hope that my piece will bring awareness toward this fact, and hopefully reverse the path that these deer are on, on the road to extinction.

On the road to extinction


Oceanic whitetip sharks used to exist in large numbers but have declined from about 70-90% in the past years due to the shark fin trade. They are widely looked for because of their long pectoral fins. Although shark finning is illegal in the US, Miami, Florida is the largest importer of shark fins.

Oceanic Whitetips


Florida is emdangered Florida panthers. The Florida panthers became endangered because of habitat loss the cut down of trees and property pushing them away from where they belong. They also have became endangered from roadkill and intolerance and it must be stopped.

Florida is endangered Florida panthers.


Florida is my home, as well as one of the homes of the critically endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle. Because of our part in climate change and plastic waste, the Hawksbill Sea Turtle will disappear from coral reefs, where it plays a key role.

Florida is home.


Florida is not only my home, but also a home to many species, such as the green sea turtle. Florida is nice, beautiful and important as is the green sea turtle.

My warm, beautiful home

Panamanian Golden Frog

For my art piece, I decided to concentrate on the Panamanian Golden Frog. They are the national animal of Panama and the only ones left are in captivity. This applies to Florida because the fungi that has killed this species has also had an affect on our ecological cycle and our environment.

Florida is in Need of Help.


I chose the Key Largo woodrat as my endangered species as it is indigenous to the Everglades, a natural wonder of the sunshine state. This small rodent is an imperative part of the hardwood hammock habitat, being one of the most prominent yet unrecognized keystone species in the region. Its role in helping certain types of fungi and algae decompose organic matter is critical to the environment. Even though the Key Largo woodrat is so vital to this habitat, they are critically endangered due to the overdevelopment of land, stripping them of most of their resources, as well as introducing the common house cat as a new and unwanted predator. There are active efforts being made to restore the population of the Key Largo woodrat.

Florida is vibrant and diverse in its culture and its ecosystems.


This piece has a article describing some facts about the endangered species. It also has a cut out of the animal.

Kemp’s Ridley Turtle


As a passionate nature artist, my focus for the last 30 years has been celebrating the beauty of natural Florida. I paint the things that take my breath away, faithfully reproducing the nuance which defines our unique home. The bio-diversity of our state is fragile, and if I can inspire others with my images, then perhaps we can preserve our co-existence with nature for a while longer.

Florida is a diverse ecological wonder teeming with natural flora and fauna.

Tur_Janet_grade 4_Kendale Lakes Elementary_Atkison

Florida is home of the Florida Sandhill Crane. We should keep our animals safe before the animals disappear forever. Direct los of the habitat due to wetland drainage or conversion of prairie for development or agricultural use are the primary threats facing the sandhill crane. The threat is causing more than just loss of the crane .

Sandhill Crane

Parrondo_Gracie_grade 4_Kendale Lakes Elementary_ Atkison

Florida is the home of the Grasshopper sparrow and it is on the endangered subspecies list in North America and is perhaps the most endangered animal. Despite best efforts in attempts to improve the declining population we have been unsuccessful. Unless we find a new way to help them grow we are not going to have them much longer.

grasshopper sparrow

Marinos_gustavo_ grade 4_Kendale Lakes Elementary_ Atkison

Blue Herons and fish live in the everglades. The everglades give food and water to animals and to us. We need to take care of our lands to continue to have a healthy environment.

The Everglades

Suarez_ Manny_ grade 4_ Kendale Lakes Elementary_ Atkison

Florida is an appropriate environment for the beloved manatee. Manatees are occasionally called “sea cows”, as they are slow plant-eaters of the sea. Cows and manatees are both peaceful and similar to each other. They often graze on water plants of the seas that are tropical. We need to take care since they can get hurt by boats and people who do not pay attention to the shallow water areas.



Everything about the natural environment is eco-friendly. Every plant and flower lives and grows in their natural environment to become healthier and more productive. Therefore, nature is beautiful the way it is, not by their looks, but how they help Earth and their environment.

Florida is beauty


Florida is… home

It is important to me to preserve Florida’s native species of plants and animals.

Florida is… home


Florida is a place full of a variety of species that touch upon all colors of the rainbow

Florida is Colorful


Small and large , all are important for us and animals.



Like Rapunzel, this Banyan lets down her “hair” of roots in search of survival, of independence, of home.

Trees with Root Tresses


A myriad of cultures and openings, some open to all and SOME open only to a few. Awareness, survival and diversity is important in order to grow as a diverse ecosystem, whether natural and biological or sociological. One must know when to proceed and when to retreat.

Awareness and survival


This is a beautiful place and I’m proud to call it home….



Taking a typical naturally occurring night life personality and – con orgullo – placing it in the context of more mundane life. Like eating an artificially flavored popsicle in a non-artificial environment.

Florida is a Dehydrated Drag Queen